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 BOOBER SCHNEIDER  1934 - 2019 

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Okoboji Yacht Club

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In 1971 the Okoboji Yacht Club hosted the ILYA Class M Championship Regatta.  There were 75 boats competing, with 30 from Okoboji.  Steve Powers - sailing in his first M Class regatta - was the top finisher from Okoboji, placing 17th overall, with Bob Giebink, Vicki Stencil, and Steve Avery, all also from Okoboji, finishing in the top 30.  

Other Okoboji sailors competing included: Mary Bowers, Lowry Smith, John Call, John Brown, Berry Rogers, Jay Hoyt, Jim Jensen, Bill Myerly, Debby Graf, Aubrey LaFoy, Julie Cory, Mike Crary, Deb Woodard, Marty Palmer, Harley Whitfield, John Conner, Jim Coddington, Jim Phillip, Jim Fitzgerald, Dick Montgomery, Rusty Clark, James Green, W. M. Cornwall, John Kelly, Bill Sackett, & Ed Bradley.

The above video is some 8mm film taken during this regatta by Ed Bradley.  Some sharp eyed viewers may notice a very young, future yacht club manager getting some very early training in bar operations :-)

In 1967 the Okoboji Yacht Club hosted the ILYA Class C Invitational Regatta.  There were 79 boats competing, with 20 from Okoboji.  Jerry Huse finished 4th overall, with Bob Graf, Boober Schneider, and Steve Petersen, all also from Okoboji, finishing in the top 15. 

Other Okoboji sailors competing included: Robert Johnston, James Green, Tony Weber, Larry Jensen, James Fitzgerald, Jerry Bjornstad, Jerry Stockdale, John Vaubel, Roger Swanson, Wally Mendenhall, Stanford Griffith, Kurt Magnusson, Tom Everest, Jim Spevak, James Giebink, & Bob Graham.

The above video is some 8mm film taken during this regatta. 




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Dixon Beach hosted the last summer-of-the-year Open Bar with a great slide show. Such a great reminder of good sailing...good Okoboji!  Click the link to watch it. 

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